+ When do we engage Fortis?

We are generally approached by investors, management, counsel or advisors prior to the execution of the transaction documents. Our engagement becomes effective upon signing, but no fees are due until closing. On occasion we are engaged post-closing to replace a representative when issues arise and/or the person is unwilling, unable or lacks the experience to handle the burden and responsibilities of the job.

+ How does the relationship work?

In our engagements a small group of selling shareholders is appointed as our advisory group for purposes of important decision-making during the post-closing period. We advise, consult with, and report to the advisory group when issues arise. The advisory group though has final authority on all material decisions affecting the shareholders’ economic interests, such as resolution of purchase price adjustments and settlement of indemnification claims or earn-out disputes..

+ How will Fortis assign resources to my deal?

We assign at least two members of our executive team to every transaction, ensuring that clients receive immediate senior-level attention to every important matter. We also assign experienced client service personnel to respond to any and all shareholder questions.

+ How are we compensated?

We offer flexible fee structures to meet the particular needs and interests of our clients. The fee is negotiated at the time of engagement and is based on the duration and complexity of the post-closing period and the anticipated scope of our responsibilities. In most cases, clients select a flat fee payable at closing. The fee covers all of our advisory and administrative services. The fee is borne ratably by all shareholders, which tends to make it cost-effective to each shareholder on an individual basis.