Fortis Advisors Launches Deal Terms Data Tool, FORSITE

Do you know what “market” is on your M&A deal?

Fortis Advisors has the answer – FORSITE – our innovative M&A Deal Tool.

As a leading post-closing shareholder representative on private M&A deals, we are party to hundreds of M&A agreements every year. We have seen every deal term out there and know the “market.”

We created FORSITE to build an open data set and reference tool for the M&A community and empower dealmakers with the data they need to negotiate better deals. While others offer data only through annually published reports containing aggregated data, FORSITE provides M&A professionals with quick and easy access to current, comprehensive and customizable information relevant to their deal.

FORSITE allows you to interactively filter deal terms data by industry and deal size, focusing on what matters. For example,“What size escrow is market in the sale of a mobile technology company less than $100M?” With FORSITE, you get the current state of the market in seconds.